Martin Conrad


Martin Conrad

Artist Statement and Artistic Development

The works are defined by a common structure related to the dissolution of and the adherence to boundaries: a transposition of the expanding character of painterly areas of color and the circumscription of this openness by means of linear structures.
While a reversal of visual norms, in which the background becomes foreground, is effected by the dynamic presence of the color-forms, the transparent layers of drawing develop only gradually. Their linear elements reproduce worlds of accumulated imagery—potential imagery taken from an individual archive of an ethnological, biological, and geographical character.
Horizontally, the archive of the drawing is ordered according to different aspects of life; vertically, it is divided along a chronological axis into older and newer forms of the now. In the paintings and works on paper, both strands are linked together in mosaic-like structures.
Through the eye’s shifting focus, disparate and fragmentarily intertwined motifs come to address the viewer’s faculty of association. Within the work, these become the symbol of a visual vocabulary and inherently possess a semantic multivalence that is divorced from any intention to provide an interpretive model.
This artistic concept requires image and viewer to collaborate. It is addressed to the inner space of the viewer—that realm where imagination produces memory and the dissolution of familiar semiotic references casts doubt on the memory that is thus defined.

June 2011


26. Felder Umschrittenwerden, 2015-2016
25. Umgänge Überdachte, 2013-2015
24. Fünfhändige Winde, 2011-2013
23. Drinnen meine S, 2008-2011
22. Metronome Ströme, 2007-2008
21. Flussnamen abhorchen, 2005-2006
20. Anfänge des Denkens obwohl, 2003-2004
19. Holzwurm in Frauenkleidern, 2002-2003
18. Flugdaten Grasinseln, 2000-2001
17. Arbeitsplatz vor mittlerer Behausung, 1998-2000
16. Dionysos bis Worms, 1997-1998
15. Kamele im Äther und Spuren im Schnee, 1995-1996
14. Gehölz Brache Jahreszeitenserie, 1993-1995
13. Kleine Tafeln rings um die Erde, 1992-1993
12. Widerschein aus dem dünnen Berg, 1989-1992
11. Erdnähe des Lichts, 1987-1989
10. Zurückgegebener Ort, 1985-1986
9. Baldanders, 1983-1985
8. Brücken am Fluss, 1981-1982
7. Nachtfahrt, 1980-1981
6. Haus auf dem Berg, 1979-1980
5. Hangwinde, 1978-1979
4. Drachen Schachtel Roller, 1976-1978
3. Wegzeichen, 1976
2. Frühmärz, 1975-1976
1. Haltepunkt Bahnsteig, 1973-1974